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Kidz on Porter Child Care Centre is family run, offering over 15 years experience in the Early Childhood Sector.

As a family run service, Kidz on Porter are committed to strong and trusting relationships with our families and within our community. The centre is committed to ensuring that all children aged 0 - 6 years are provided with a high standard of care, and allowing each of them to reach their full potential. The centre boasts state of the art facilities, specifically designed to provide our children with a safe, spacious and sustainable learning environment. Children are able to engage with leading educational programs created by our well experience educators.

Kidz on Porter acknowledges that each child is unique, and values the individual contribution that each child and family makes to our community. 


highly qualified staff
highly qualified staff

Our passionate and committed staff each strive to ensure that all children have the opportunity to learn, form and develop. 

The educators work as a team to exceed the national quality standards in early childhood qualifications and are devoted to continual professional growth and learning opportunities. The educators diverse backgrounds encapsulate the essence of our service; providing culture, diversity, acceptance and community into the daily lives of the children.

Kidz on Porter endeavors to ensure staff continuity, allowing children and families to build ongoing and trusting relationships. 


educational program
educational program

The educational program aims to promote diverse learning opportunities, enriching all areas of child learning and development.

The daily program encompasses learning areas such as gross motor, fine motor, sensory exploration, art and crafts, dramatic play, constructive play, music and movement, self–help activities, child-led experiences and intentional teachings.

The service creates vibrant and open learning environments which encourage exploration and curiosity. These experiences stimulate children to ask questions, develop interest and extend upon their knowledge and understanding of different concepts. All children and families are active participants in the daily program.